Madrid Central Mosque

Mezquita de Madrid

This is actually Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid + a mosque. For a detail post, please check here.
Muslims, if you arrive in Madrid not only you can visit Real Madrid Club's museum but don't forget to visit or perform a prayer at Madrid Central Mosque which is nearby. Madrid Central Mosque or in Spanish - Mezquita de Madrid pronounced as 'Meskita de Madrid'.

The road to Madrid Central Mosque @ Abu Bakar Mosque near Estrecho Metro Station, Line 1.

Picture above is from Wikipedia.

There are two doors to enter this mosque. One of them is where you will find the shop selling groceries, meat and sweets as in the picture above (on the left). The other door is the picture above (on  the right) and below picture. Sometimes during prayer time, the door for the shop is closed. You may use the door on the right side.

If you walk straight through this door, you will see the shop which I said above but if you walk to the right after this door, you will see a lift and staircases.

On the same floor as this door, there is a restroom for men and ablution room for men. 

Level 1 - for men prayer hall
Level 2- for women prayer hall, restroom and ablution for women
Level 3- sometimes used for men and where the classes are held. 

Reminder: Please be aware that the mosque is closed after Isha' prayer (except during Ramadhan). So please check the prayer time table for Madrid and visit the mosque before Isha' prayer time.

How to go to Madrid Central Mosque?

The nearest Metro station is Estrecho Station, Line 1.

The nearest bus stop is Bravo Murillo - Lope de Haro and you may ride bus number 66,124 or 126.
Contact details: Asoc Musulmana En España Calle de Anastasio Herrero, 5, 28020 Madrid, Spain +34 915 71 40 40 ‎


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