Personally, I would avoid summer and winter at all cost.........or maybe just summer. (Note: After living close to four years (now is 2018) here in Madrid, I prefer to avoid the summer and rather think that the winter in Madrid is not that harsh. Just a bit sad that there is hardly snow fall here during the winter season in Madrid but above all, the weather in Madrid is excellent!)

Just because Malaysia is a tropical country with terrible humidity all year long.

I am tanned enough so no..muchas gracias *pronounced as 'Muchas grathias' means 'Thank you very much'*.

According to my research so far..I have been warned that July and August is to be avoided..a BIG NO NO!!

Why summer is not the best time to visit Spain? Anytime is the best time to visit Spain!!

  1. The heat of course! - It can reach up to 40 degree celcius or 104 fahrenheit. (Note: I have experienced 42 degree celcius in Granada! Burnt...)

  2. Everyone..almost every Spaniards.. flee to the northern Spain or outside of the country during summer holidays. I pretty enjoy strolling Madrid during summer because the city is quite tranquil with lesser Madrileños around.

  3. The big cities ie Madrid are empty because of reason number 2

  4. Peak season - so many people around to get a good tan. Spain is quite famous for its beaches. (Note: Madrid can be pretty crowded any given season of the year. Spain is now the second most visited country in the world after France in 2017!!) 

You might not agree if you are from 4-season-countries but for an Asian, more so a South-East-Asian..I would prefer other seasons compared to summer.

Let's just get our climate straight here..^__^

Spain is next to France, Portugal and Morocco.

Let's make a climate comparison between Bilbao - northern Spain, Madrid - central Spain and Malaga - southern Spain.

Bilbao's highest average temperature in summer,

particulary in August is 26 degree celcius.

Madrid's highest average temperature in summer,

particulary in August is 31 degree celcius.

Malaga's highest average temperature in summer,

particulary in August is 30 degree celcius.

The best thing that I like about winter in Spain is..on average it doesn't get to below 0 degree. I had it at -30 degree celcius in South Korea hence I think I'm gonna love Spain's winter better. Although it's just numbers and we can't predict mother nature but at least I know where the climate stands yeah?

Climate comparison is from Wikipedia.

There you go, the question why even Spaniards flee to Bilbao in summer is finally answered. Bilbao is much cooler than the rest of the districts in Spain.

Let's compare with Malaysia's climate.

Data from Wikipedia.

Subang Jaya is about 8 km from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's city centre and highest average temperature from January to December is 37 degree celcius. Yikes! But I still love Malaysia nonetheless. ^^

Mezquita de Madrid

This is actually Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid + a mosque. For a detail post, please check here.
Muslims, if you arrive in Madrid not only you can visit Real Madrid Club's museum but don't forget to visit or perform a prayer at Madrid Central Mosque which is nearby. Madrid Central Mosque or in Spanish - Mezquita de Madrid pronounced as 'Meskita de Madrid'.

The road to Madrid Central Mosque @ Abu Bakar Mosque near Estrecho Metro Station, Line 1.

Picture above is from Wikipedia.

There are two doors to enter this mosque. One of them is where you will find the shop selling groceries, meat and sweets as in the picture above (on the left). The other door is the picture above (on  the right) and below picture. Sometimes during prayer time, the door for the shop is closed. You may use the door on the right side.

If you walk straight through this door, you will see the shop which I said above but if you walk to the right after this door, you will see a lift and staircases.

On the same floor as this door, there is a restroom for men and ablution room for men. 

Level 1 - for men prayer hall
Level 2- for women prayer hall, restroom and ablution for women
Level 3- sometimes used for men and where the classes are held. 

Reminder: Please be aware that the mosque is closed after Isha' prayer (except during Ramadhan). So please check the prayer time table for Madrid and visit the mosque before Isha' prayer time.

How to go to Madrid Central Mosque?

The nearest Metro station is Estrecho Station, Line 1.

The nearest bus stop is Bravo Murillo - Lope de Haro and you may ride bus number 66,124 or 126.
Contact details: Asoc Musulmana En España Calle de Anastasio Herrero, 5, 28020 Madrid, Spain +34 915 71 40 40 ‎
And now is the time for that BIG question.

Why I want to visit Spain? 

It has never crossed my mind to visit the EU countries before due to currency value and differences.

Spain uses Euro (pronounced as 'Aewooro' in Spanish) and the value as of now is MRY 4 ~ 1 Euro.

This is as of 22nd November, 2015. Ringgit has been doing pretty bad against all major currencies. *crying...*

But why I want to visit Spain now?
Because my boyfriend is there..^____^. Period.

Yes, you!! My boyfriend *In my dream...*

 Cristiano Ronaldo.

He's a Portuguese but playing for Real Madrid club

in Spanish La Liga. why do I need to write a whole blog to announce that tiny news? No?

Sharing is caring you that's exactly what I'm going to do moving forward.

Forget the fact that I do have a Spanish boyfriend...*wink..wink* as of now, who knows what the future might hold for us right?

Spain by itself is a really gorgeous country.

I love amazing old architectures, museums, arts, cultural differences..etc and etc.

That's such a big fat lie!! *my history teacher in high school would probably say this..haha*

Because I always slept in History class..hehe.

10 things I like about Spain.

Seafood Paella. Recipe is here.

  1. Old gorgeous and distinct architectures - Granada being the first city where I must land my feet.

  2. The language - it sounds cute..porque..porque *means 'because' and pronounced as 'porke'*

  3. Spanish La Liga - nuff said!

  4. The soap drama - my first Spanish drama albeit produced by Colombia is Yo Soy Betty La Fea.

  5. Remains of Islamic architecture

  6. Paella dish- I want to try the authentic one cause an Asian just can't live without rice!!! Oh no...*pronounced 'paeya'*

  7. Sierra Nevada

  8. The beaches - I like how towards the south is Mediterranean climate and towards the north is much cooler plus the fact that it's summer is not hot at all compared to Malaysia that is.

  9. Tapas and fiestas - I want to hop around for some tapas and learn flamenco dancing!

  10. Siesta - last but not least..Spanish is soooooooooo different because of this and I think it's kinda weird.